from a box to an ultimaker

Here some of the pictures I took while building the Ultimaker. It took us less than a week of our free time to build it. You can check the wiki for more tecnical info. ultimaker wiki page

After 5 weeks from our order, the Ultimaker arrived. Now shipping times are reduced to only 10 days!

Here all the pieces, in the back the wood sheets still wrapped. They also shipped some pla silver plastic, so to start to print something.

Here some of the lasercute wood pieces that compose the frame and components of the Ultimaker

other lasercut pieces

some lasercut component screwed together

same piece mounted on

here the fan as it comes from the kit

Here the extruder gear as from the Ultimaker kit

here the platform before it gets covered of blue adesive tape

Finally, the ultimaker is done!

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