Who we are

we are a couple that moved to Canada to work in 3D animation and featured Films.

Kym implement software for the 3D productions, while Morena is a 3D artist.

Kym’s interested in engineering and electronics as well, aside photography, cooking and gardening. He’s the 3d printer master! He can learn easily a number of Computer languages an software, writing tools an creating new solutions through modification of Arduino or Raspberry Pi. He constantly contribute to the 3D printing community with new parts for improving Ultimaker 3d Printer or other useful tools.

Morena spend her hobby time cooking Italian meals, singing and drawing. Through her creations she’s helping Kym to experiment on 3D printing possibilities. She also help Tinkercad to develop tools for organic modeling and gave her most famous contribution to the 3D worldwide community with the model of her treefrog, on Thingiverse.

if you’re interested in 3D printing from Kym, you can contact him at two3dmonkeys@gmail.com

Morena is not viable for new, custom design at the moment, but we can help you out with your idea through our 3D community.

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